3D printing pulls a pint!

30th April 2014

3D printing pulls a pint!

When our local pub starting selling 'Boar's Head Bitter', they made their own beer pump badge from paper. We saw an opportunity to do something really useful with 3D printing and possibly earn a few free pints...

First, we developed a fairly traditionally themed badge design, using a combination of digitally printed polystyrene board for the graphics and 3D printed parts for the frame and central logo.

We then got the graphic part printed at Hobs Repro at Milton Park, and asked Plunkett Associates to make the frame and logo using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

Finally, we rubbed down the SLS parts and gradually achieved the desired finish with layers of primer and gold paint before bonding all the parts together.

The new badge was delivered on the first anniversary of the new tenants of the Boar's Head. Angie and Doreen were delighted with the result, and we are keen to do further research at other pubs...

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