Maxpeak: product design that delivers a total solution

9th January 2019

Maxpeak: product design that delivers a total solution

Industrial design consultancy can range from a few sketches to a comprehensive process that takes an idea from a concept to a successfully manufactured product. This is an example of the latter...

Making sure satellite dishes point the right way

Maxpeak is a technology company owned by a Swedish entrepreneur which develops tools for aligning satellite dishes. We were asked to design the housing and interface for the Maxpeak SAM scanner and during our initial discussions it became apparent that the software and pcbs were being developed in Sweden, that the product would be sold primarily in India, and that we would need to identify a manufacturer in China.

Joining the dots

We developed the initial designs in the UK and had preliminary prototypes made to check for basic function and size. One of the issues was the way the product balanced, as it had to be used one-handed whilst standing on a ladder. Once the basic design issues were resolved and the electronics tested, we began working with Kingtronics, a manufacturing solutions provider based in Hong Kong, on the final development of the design and data for prototyping and tooling.

Bringing it all together

Kingtronics were an excellent partner, and we worked with them to finalise the design, integrate the electronics and arrange for production tooling and moulding to be carried out in China. At the request of the client, we also worked with Kingtronics on the design of the packaging, the instructions and every aspect of the product delivery.

A complete package

The result of the project was that the entire product was made, packaged and shipped from the supplier and delivered to distributions points in India.  The initial product subsequently generated a range of satellite alignment meters and was a tremendous success in the target markets of Asia and South America.

As Patrik Largerstedt, the owner of Maxpeak commented:

"Demand has exceeded all expectations, and much of that is down to the excellent design of the product"

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