Finally time for the March of the Makers?

29th June 2016

Finally time for the March of the Makers?

Regular readers of these jottings will know that we have not been impressed with the Government's rhetoric about the 'March of the Makers' and the re-balancing of the economy in favour of manufacture. However, about the only benefit of our current situation is the potential to sell more products abroad now that the pound has lost so much value. Is this finally time for the March of the Makers, particularly while we still have access to the European single market?

If we needed to attempt to rebalance the economy following the banking crisis in 2008, then it seems even more important now. With some service sector industries likely to relocate into European countries in the next few years, specialist design and manufacture may be one part of the restructuring of our economy. 

Whilst they will never become large industries that will replace jobs likely to be lost through leaving the EU, we could look at repeating the kind of success stories that have been created by companies like Numatic International or the redevelopment of brands like Brooks

If it is time to play to our strengths, manufacture and design are definitely two of them.

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