The business end of product development

23rd October 2014

The business end of product development

As regular visitors to this area of our website will know, we are very committed to effective product development. We talk to many people who have invested huge amounts of time and money in a particular idea or concept, and many of them have been - to put it bluntly - ripped off by unscrupulous 'innovation consultants' who promise much, get paid a lot and deliver very little.

This scenario often involves significant expenditure on patents that are either indefensible or simply not required.

So, imagine our delight when we stumbled upon a book that is full of common sense advice on the commercial and legal aspects of inventing or designing a new product. 'A Better Mousetrap - the business of invention' (the title is intentionally ironic) is an easily read, well structured examination of all the issues an entrepreneur should look at, from non disclosure agreements to negotiating licensing fees. The website has a free download supplement called 'Patenting your invention - the ugly truth'.

We think this book should be essential reading for anyone contemplating the development of a new product that involves their own money, and at £5.00 for the ebook download, it has to be the best investment any aspiring inventor could make.

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