BluTag offender tag

GPS electronic tags that allow offenders to return to the community need to be able to withstand months of rough treatment, daily wear and tear and occasional vandalism. In addition, the Blutag offender tag needed a fibre optic loop running through the ankle strap to ensure compliance and create an alert if it is broken. Finally, the electronics needed to be housed in the smallest package possible. Originally developed in 2003, the product remains on the market in the USA.

Services delivered: 

  • Concept design and technical investigation.
  • Detailed technical design to integrate the pcb, antennas, and LED light pipes.
  • Development of assembly methods that would withstand rough daily use and attempts to dismantle it without being tamper-evident.
  • Prototyping and testing.
  • Development of all production data, including drawings and CAD files.

Product design consultancy

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