Product design that delivers lower costs

29th August 2017

Product design that delivers lower costs

Helping our clients use product design that reduces costs is one of the most important parts of our work. This project for Tropical Marine Centre Ltd had a particularly significant impact on their profits...

Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) had been one of the pioneers of ultraviolet water treatment products in the 1970s. The original design for the unit was simple, but very basic, consisting of a number of components connected by short lengths of mains cable. Because of the electronics involved, it was also extremely complex to assemble and manufacturing costs were high. Market share was being eroded by new, less well made competitors which were undercutting the price of the TMC unit.  Our redesigned and repackaged product was almost 25% less expensive to make and sale doubled following its introduction. The client was, to say the least, pleased. As Richard Sankey,  the founder of Tropical Marine Centre, put it...

“Crucible's design moved the PondClear product from a piece of engineering to a unique professional consumer product. Their focus on delivering a design with unique features produced a low cost solution that remained successful on the market for at least ten years. Their professional, but easy going approach and their understanding of our limitations made them incredibly easy to work with.”

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