Minimise your product design costs

18th April 2014

Minimise your product design costs

Professional costs can often seem like a bottomless pit of unexplained fees. Crucible's product design costs are different. We offer a simple and clear guarantee about our fees and expenses.

1. Our initial briefing process is absolutely free. During the meeting we will define what you need from us and then prepare a detailed design proposal. This will outline the costs of our services as firm quotations. Where the requirements aren’t 100% clear (which can be the case at the outset), we provide cost estimates that will be confirmed as quotations before any relevant work is begun.

2. We quote for each stage of work separately and will ask for purchase orders to confirm the details. We will only ever charge for what is set out in the purchase orders.

3. We do not charge for travel expenses unless they are either frequent and/or international.

4. If we purchase prototype parts or components on your behalf (usually to save you time) we will charge for these at cost.

5. We always recommend that you order tooling and production parts directly from the supplier to simplify your supply chain and minimise your investment.

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