Product design that delivers the right production process

16th June 2017

Product design that delivers the right production process

We normally associate product design with high volume manufacture, but in an increasingly specialised high technology market, some products need to made in small volumes to meet a specific need.

When Isansys first contacted us, they had been manufacturing the housing for their new patient monitoring system from parts machined from solid nylon. These had worked well initially, but had warped and were also very expensive to make. 

We looked at alternative design and production approaches for the next batch of housings, which were part of a low volume trial phase for their new technology. The parts had to cost effective, made in small quantities, medically safe to use and high quality in appearance. We successfully delivered a solution that met all the targets.

Angela Gallego, Isansys’ Head of Product Development comments:

“Our fantastic relationship with Crucible has enabled us to increase sales whilst at the same time reduce our costs. Crucible have helped Isansys come up with a solution to meet our volume requirements and, as a result, we have been able to capitalise on their experience, expertise and network of suppliers/connections, to help us further develop our first-class Patient Status Monitoring platform.”

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