Strategic product planning

Strategic product planning involves identifying the right product for your company to develop, defining what it needs to do and how will you get it to market on time and on budget. With thirty years’ experience of product development, we can help you get your project off to a flying start.

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Product design & innovation

Product design can help you increase your sales by adding value, increasing desirability and improving performance. As product design consultants we can help you make these requirements work together, delivering solutions that not only delight your customers, but your shareholders as well.

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Technical development

Technical development not only ensures that your product works, it also results in the most cost effective solutions and economic production processes. Our industrial design process integrates these qualities into all our projects so you don't have to choose between appearance and function.

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Prototyping and production

Your new design will need to be tested as part of the product development process. We can help you get prototypes built for testing, finalise the design and prepare detailed manufacturing data. We can also help you source suppliers of parts, packaging and promotional materials.

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Product design consultancy

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