Technical development

Effective engineering & industrial design, simple assembly and easy maintenance are essential to a product's success. Our industrial design process integrates these qualities into all our projects so you don't have to choose between appearance and function.

Putting function first

To be successful, the industrial design of your new product will not only need to work well, it will also have to meet industry standards and be inexpensive to build and maintain.

We make sure our industrial design work is practical by considering the technical requirements and internal layout first, before looking at the external design opportunities. By designing 'from the inside out' we make sure all the functional requirements are met from the beginning of the project.

Example: Airdri hand driers

Putting function first

Design for manufacture

The way your product is made will determine how profitable it is, as well as its durability and overall quality, so choosing the right production methods is essential.

Crucible has worked with virtually every production process during the past 25 years and we can help you find the right one for your product and manufacturing volumes.

Example: Parker AC30 controllers

Design for manufacture

Engineering analysis & review

Some industrial design projects require detailed analysis to ensure durability, strength and safety.

Crucible has considerable experience of hands-on engineering and product manufacture, both in the UK and Asia. If additional help is required, we have a network of engineering specialists who can provide 3D scanning, FEA, CFD and other detailed services.

Example: SKC AirChek 3000 sampling pump

Engineering analysis & review

Using new technologies

Manufacturing technologies are changing rapidly, offering exciting new possibilities for industrial design and production specialists.

Crucible pioneered the use of '3D printing' for manufactured products in 2005, and we continue to be at the forefront of new manufacturing technologies. Give us a call to find out more!

Example: Metal sintered airline seat buckle

Using new technologies

"Working closely with our engineers, the industrial designers at Crucible carefully reviewed the technical considerations and delivered a range of exciting concepts for a new range of controllers. Crucible delivered a modern, stylish, practical design & played a major part in meeting the tight deadlines for its international launch."

Ian Timms, Realisation Team Manager. Parker Hannifin Ltd

Product design consultancy

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